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How to add value.

Adding value to your house doesn’t have to mean major structural changes such as an extension or a full renovation.

“There are simple small projects that will give your home a facelift, add kerb appeal and make a surprising difference.”

These are easy changes you can do now that will pay dividends when you come to sell.

Deal with those defects. A sagging or leaky roof, missing or broken roof tiles or patches of damp will easily reduce the value of your home. We understand these repairs won’t be cheap to fix, and you’ll probably need to call in an expert, but they are essential.

Get decorating. This is probably the most obvious job when adding value to your home and, whilst small marks and scratches won’t affect the value of your home, they could deter buyers and prevent you from achieving the best price for your property. Remember when you pick up that paint brush and give your home a lick of paint avoid bright colours, instead opt for a natural neutral palette to make the rooms as light and bright as possible. Bold colours will only make your buyer think they’ll need to redecorate when they move in.

Do a little DIY. Those little jobs that you’ve always meant to get to do but you just can’t find the time for. Sort out that sticking door, those loose tiles or that cracked plasterwork. Little superficial defects and problems can leave a buyer with the feeling that the house is neglected and run down.

Pep up the kitchen. The heart and hub of the home is the kitchen so look at making some modifications here. You don’t need to fork out for a whole new kitchen or new units, you could simply repaint the existing doors or replace the worktops especially if they are scratched or damaged. Changing the door handles, cleaning the tile grout and updating the lighting can have a huge impact on freshening up a tired kitchen’s look. If buyers are happy with the kitchen and don’t feel the need to replace it, they may have more money to spend on buying your home.

Add luxury to the bathroom. Try replacing single pendants with a spotlight unit that can be angled to illuminate the room. Add a mirror or two for extra light which will make the space look larger and think about a heated towel rail. A clean hygienic bathroom is one of the key points to selling fast and achieving a top price for your property.

Original Features. Over time certain features such as textured walls or ceilings, polystyrene tiles or wood cladding, may have been added to your home, simply by removing these you are likely to add value. Likewise, with opening or revealing original features, original fireplaces, decorative mouldings or panelled doors.

Bifold doors for instant wow factor. They’ll add space, bring the outdoors in, and add extra light.

Plant out the garden. An attractive and well-maintained garden will always attract buyers. Consider adding security and privacy by repairing or replacing fencing. Section your garden to show clear areas for seating, eating or playing. Cut back overgrown trees or shrubs especially if they block light from the garden.

Kerb Appeal. First impressions count for potential buyers so make sure it’s a positive one. Add a lick of paint to the garage doors, pop some colourful plants in the borders or frame your door with potted containers and replace worn house numbers or signs. You might even consider a new front door. Don’t forget outdoor lighting – inexpensive solar-powered, motion operated up/down wall lights will add appeal and security

Don’t overspend. The temptation is to get carried away and spend more money than you’ll end up recouping when you sell. These are ideas to add value to your property but on a budget.


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